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Auto Export Job Documentation

I have been tasked with 'documenting' Talend Jobs.
I discovered the Job Documentation feature. This makes my task a lot easier! Excellent feature to have Talend!
I also found the option to have the Job Documentation auto-generated to the Repository's Documentation folder on each save of the Jobs. That helps to a point for me.
I see that I can manually right click and select 'export all projects documentation'.
My grand plan would be creating a Talend job that would handle this for me and place the documentation out on a web server so that it can be viewable by non-TIS users like System Admins, BI developers, web developers, and so.
Now, my question: Is there a way to automate the exporting of documentation?

Re: Auto Export Job Documentation

So far, we don't support to automate the exporting of documentation. You need export your project documentation manually.
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