Authenticate API call using oAuth Authentication

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Authenticate API call using oAuth Authentication

I need to create API endpoint in talend for our client's to use & need to implement oAuth authentication for that API call.




I am guessing that we need to have our own Oauth server to be able to to implement that? how do we integrate authentication into API endpoint created in Talend.


I see that this can just take OAuth bearer? where that token gets generated from & how that authenticate my API endpoint? Do we need to hardcode that value since I believe that value changes for every call.


I have implemented OAuth in salesforce as consumer but not from OAuth as provider. in this case, we need to be able to act as OAuth provider & should be able to authenticate API endpoint calls as well.


We are using talend 6.4 enterprise version & has ESB as well.

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Re: Authenticate API call using oAuth Authentication

Any response/direction to this would be really helpful. 

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Re: Authenticate API call using oAuth Authentication

I sense you are new to ESB and as such have A LOT of reading to do. You wouldn't use the tRestClient for providing an endpoint.

Take a look at the page below and it will give you an understanding of what this will take. It is not just a case of configuring a few components unfortunately....
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Re: Authenticate API call using oAuth Authentication

I am sorry, I meant tRestRequest, I have created endpoint that consumer can use however I need to add authentication to that endpoint.


seems like SAML require lot of additional work, how can just to Use Authentication (ESB Runtime only) basic http as mentioned below


 tRestRequest_use authentication.PNG


I have IAM service installed as well & have users created on IAM service. now how do I use that to authenticate API calls?


  1. Created users on IAM service that is apache syncope
  2. Updated TAC configuration to use IAM
  3. deployed this service in ESB runtime
  4. Added this endpoint under ESB Infrastructure-->Authorization & assigned permission to corresponding IAM user

now when I tried to test this call by passing authorization parameter as base64, I still gets 401 Unauthorized.


any idea?

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