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Assign file name for tFileOutputDelimited

I would like to use a variable as filename in the "File Name" box of the tFileOutputDelimited. The variable Filename as been defined and a value was assigned in a previous tMap. I tried to use it in the "File Name" box with the syntax : tMapRow.filename. Unfortunetly I have got Exception error (see below). If I use the same variable with a tMsgBox component it works. If I use the file selection to specify a filename it works. Is it possible to specify the filename using variables ?
Thanks for your help,
Exception in component tFileOutputDelimited_1
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at majtoponymicinfo.majtoponymie_0_1.MajToponymie.tPostgresqlInput_1Process(
at majtoponymicinfo.majtoponymie_0_1.MajToponymie.runJobInTOS(
at majtoponymicinfo.majtoponymie_0_1.MajToponymie.main(
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Re: Assign file name for tFileOutputDelimited

this sounds like a timing problem. The file is created before the flow starts. So you need to use a tFlowToIterate (if you need different files depending on your data) or you need a context variable (which could be set on startup). For more information it would be good to have a screen shot of your job.
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Re: Assign file name for tFileOutputDelimited

Hi Volker,
You put me on a good track. I splitted my flow. I created a global variable (tSetGlobalVar) using my row attributes. Then I used the global variable in my tFileOutputDelimited in a different flow triggered by the On Component OK. The results are just fine !