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Apply Modification in .item file and run job using tRunJob

Hi Everyone,


Something I was trying to achieve since yesterday. I've a child job which has only 2 components tFileInputDelimited ---> tFileOutputDelimited. I'm just trying to read a delimited file and load it to another delimited file... really simple. 

I've Parent job which is triggering the child job, just before triggering it - Parent job is modifying .item file(in /process folder in project) of this child job... modifying source file location. 

Here is the problem - although I'm able to to modify the .item file - when child job runs it runs with "Old Source File Location". Only when I open the child job in Studio - job reflects the changes in source file location. 

I need to understand why this happens.... Thank you very much in advance. 

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Re: Apply Modification in .item file and run job using tRunJob

I'm not entirely sure what you are describing, but the .item file for the job will only be modified (or appear to be modified) if a change is forced by a compilation. This could be down to metadata changes that are picked up during the compilation. It could be many things. However, once out of the Studio, the .item file should not be touched by running the job

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Re: Apply Modification in .item file and run job using tRunJob



Thank you very much for quick reply.... I was trying to achieve functionality like "Metadata Injection" - something tools like Pentaho offer ( 

Ok - understood what you just mentioned. So is there any way I can build a job at runtime (after making changes)... through commandline, etc.