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Apache Phoenix connector

Hi Talend,
I want to connect apache phoenix from talend.
I tried through JDBC its connected but not showing any tables/schema under Retrieve Schema.
If I tried getting data through tJDBCinput Without  Retrieving Schema its showing below error:-
No info about DB found!
Please choose the correct mapping file.
Note: This is normal when using JDBC component.

I think error is due to mapping xml but I could not find any apache phoenix mapping xml in talend.
Please help me out this.

Re: Apache Phoenix connector

Can you successfully connect apache phoenix from talend by using JDBC?
About the data type mapping between Talend type and db type,  usually, we go to Windows-->Preference-->Talend-->Metadata of TalendType.
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Re: Apache Phoenix connector

Hi Ankit,
Have you successfully connected Apache phoenix from talend?
I am trying to create a connection using JDBC component but its not working.
can you please share the connection properties you used?
Sujay Babu

Re: Apache Phoenix connector

what is the use case? What are you connecting to using apache phoenix?