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Apache Camel Migration to Talend ESB 5.4.1

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Apache Camel Migration to Talend ESB 5.4.1

We have integration components in our layered architecture developed with Apache Camel.
Our architecture comprise of Big Data technologies like Apache KAFKA and Datastax Cassandra.
We are using camel-kafka extension of Apache Camel
We are using custom code to connect to Cassandra for data persistence
We want to migrate to Talend ESB 5.4.1
1. We want to know, what are the best practices and methodologies for this migration ?
2. Is it possible to reuse the existing code artifacts already developed using Apache Camel 2.12.2
3. We did not find components for KAFKA and Cassandra in Talend Studio for ESB

Re: Apache Camel Migration to Talend ESB 5.4.1

Talend Cassandra component is available on Talend Big Data Studio but on Data Integration perspective not in the Mediation perspective.
If you want to use it with Camel, you have two choices:
- Use a cTalendJob call a job with cassandra component
- Use a custom code on mediation, I don't think there is a camel-cassandra yet, just one made on github I think.
On DI side, there is no Kafka component yet, feel free to put a request on Talend Bugtracker.
About reusing your code, you can deploy it on talend runtime and still use it, and beans/spring and datasources can be used also.
But if you want to convert a Camel artifact into a Talend Camel route, I don't think it is straightforward.
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Re: Apache Camel Migration to Talend ESB 5.4.1

Do you suggest porting of the code in Talend Runtime as a good approach ?
Please suggest
We need a Talend ESB based solution for
1. To have a rest based service to post data into Kafka - Service 1
2. Read from Kafka and post data into Cassandra - Service 2
3. Read data from Cassandra - Service 3

We are using CQL3 as of now


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