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Anyone used tFileOutputPDF with an image?

If anyone has used tFileOutputPDF component, I would like to use it to generate a kind of pdf report for my subscribers, each output with subscriber specific information. I would like to add a logo to the top of the pdf.
Has anyone had any success with this?
Any other components or open source reporting tools that might work for this need?
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Re: Anyone used tFileOutputPDF with an image?

I would not do this task with the mentioned component because if you start adding images your customer want probably next time more an more enhancements of the layout.
I would start creating such reports with tools like iReport from JasperSoft. The reports will be designed with iReport and you can run them with components like tJasperOutput or better tJasperReportExec (which has much more capabilities) available via Talend Exchange.
This way you are open for what ever your customers want in the future and you can continue using you Talend environment.
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Re: Anyone used tFileOutputPDF with an image?

Thank you and that is a very interesting and great reply. I will surely try this out now.