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Alteryx find and replace equivalent in Talend

I have an existing alteryx job which has many components. One of those is 'find and replace'. This is not line simply finding and replacing text, which is possible in Talend through tReplace. Is there any worked out example using talend which shows how to use Talend for this Alteryx functionality?

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Re: Alteryx find and replace equivalent in Talend

You will need to give a detailed example of what your problem is. I know Talend very well and it can more than likely provide this functionality, but I don't really want to have to research Alteryx's functionality to work out what you want :-) It may also be able to be solved in a completely different way using Talend. You should be looking to solve the problem in the best way for the tool you are using, not try to force one tool to work like another.

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