Alternative for TMsgBox in Linux OS

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Alternative for TMsgBox in Linux OS

The final output of my job is a delimited file. This job was built using Windows OS but is intended to run in an Linux OS environment. As you are aware the Talend job can be run in both the environments using the .bat or .sh files. The last step in my job uses a TMsgBox to produce an information message saying the output file has been created at a certain file location. This works fine in windows but how do i get this feature running in an linux environment that i have to use putty to login to ?  Ideally if i have some information message appear in the batch or .sh file that will be take care of my needs. What is the alternative for TMsgBox for this scenario ?


Appreciate your input. Thanks


Re: Alternative for TMsgBox in Linux OS



Instead of tMsgBox, I recommend you use:

- OnSubjobOK --> tFixedFlowInput ---- tLogRow


In the tFixedFlowInput, you will create a single record, and put the message there.  The tLogRow will write it to the job log as you want, i.e. columnar, row or tabular format.

The above will not be a pop up msgbox like activity though.


You can send an email with tSendEmail etc.  Batch jobs are meant to be run without a user having to manually click when events happen (even though you can do it if you want, but it is not the right design)



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Re: Alternative for TMsgBox in Linux OS

Thanks for your input.


I wanted to see if there was an automated way of populating the .sh or .bat files through the job with this information. That will be the ideal solution for me. Thanks

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