Almost resolved - How to create dynamic filename from input data value

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Almost resolved - How to create dynamic filename from input data value

Hello everyone
I've been struggling to get a handle on context variables and dynamic file naming, reviewing other posts with little success up to a few moments ago... I'll put the description of my solution first, and the original "problem" post at the end.
The screen shot named "naming_resolved" shows the job that
1. Reads working hours data from an input source
2. Writes to a database
3. Writes to a dynamically named file. The file name is based on one of the input rows.
My original attempt was to use a tJavaFlex component to set a context variable to the file name. My solution uses (as is mentioned in other posts) tFlowToIterate and tFixedFlowInput.
The tFlowToIterage component has nothing for me to set.
In the tFixedFlowInput component I defined the metadata for the input stream (see the screen shot). This creates the variable (PAYDATE) that I need for my file name.
In the tFileOutputDelimited control, the file name is set to "Headcount" + "_" + StringHandling.LEFT((String)globalMap.get("SourceData.PAYDATE"),10) + ".csv"
Given my relatively low level of experience with TOS - perhaps this will help someone else.
- Russell

--- Original "Problem" Post ---
My goal is to dynamically name an output file based on the value (pay date) of a column read from an input stream. The value is repeated on all rows of the input stream. I'm selecting work hours data from the input source and outputting it to SQL Server in addition to the output file. The output file should be named as "Headcount_<paydate>_<generation date/time>.csv" in order to keep multiple versions separate. Each run is for only one pay date.
The attached screen shot is the overall job. It's not complicated.
In the tFileOutputDelimited component, I'm trying to set the file name as "Headcount" + "_" + (context.Period) + "_" + TalendDate.formatDate("yyyyMMddHHmmssSSS", TalendDate.getCurrentDate()) + ".csv"
The resulting file name is "Headcount_null_20100506104433709.csv"
Any help (and patience) will be appreciated.
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Re: Almost resolved - How to create dynamic filename from input data value

The issue that this solution appears to face is that because we're now processing row-by-row, the generated delimited file is really created (appended) row-by-row, and the SQL Server table that I'm creating is also being done so row-by-row.
The "Append" setting must be set for the delimited file in order to create it, but then every time I run the job it appends the data instead of recreating the file.
Hmm... still more work to do.