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Airbnb's Airflow Integration

Hey Folks,
Just a random thought, what if you could integrate/deploy TOS-DI jobs to Airflow ?
I know this sort of competes with some of the other Talend server components, but Airflow is missing a sweet GUI to build jobs, and Talend has that.
What are your thoughts ?
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Re: Airbnb's Airflow Integration

If there is an Airflow API, Talend will be able to use it to communicate with Airflow. If you wanted to get Airflow to call Talend, that can probably be done, but may need some work at the Airflow end. Talend basically produces Java applications. So long as the tool you are working with can communicate with Java, you can hook Talend into it.
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Re: Airbnb's Airflow Integration

We can build Talend components for Airflow integration for you if needed.
Just contact our support: