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Adding parameters for a Ingres DB JDBC connection

I have a full installation of the Ingres client on my desktop. This installation provides the ODBC connection possibility, and also a JDBC librairy. The "iijdbc.jar" provided with the client installation uses a file called "", in which we can add some parameters for date handling and timezone settings :
So I was thinking that the Ingres JDBC librairy provided with Talend was working the same way, but it doesn't seems to. I can find the jar file (iijdbc.jar) in the Talend installation folder, but there's no properties file I can edit. Is someone aware of how can I add these two parameters to the librairie that Talend is using? My research so far have been unsucessful. 

Re: Adding parameters for a Ingres DB JDBC connection

Could you please try to add your properties into JVM arguments to see if it works?
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