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Add tsapinput component to talend studio

Hi Members,

I want to Add tsapinput component to talend studio.

So I downloaded and unzipped the archive tSAPInput, tSAPOutput, tFlowtoSAPRFC tABLE from


In Talend Studio, I did the following: Window in the toolbar, followed by Preferences, Talend, and then Component panel, browse the user component folder in which you have inserted the custom components.

2. Finally, click OK button. Talend Studio will reload all the components.


But I dont see the components in Talend studio.


Does anyone has an idea ?


Best regards,





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Re: Add tsapinput component to talend studio



I was using this guide:

This worked for me.





Re: Add tsapinput component to talend studio


Please have a look at this online document about:TalendHelpCenter:How to install and update a custom component and  check several possible causes in this article if the component does not appear in the Palette.

Let us know if it isOk with you.

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