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Add nosql (mongodb) capabilities

I use Talend ESB with routing to/from MongoDB datasource.
Since open studio ESB does not include MongoDB components (in job perspective) I downloaded Talend Big Data open studio and I copied all tMongo* folders from plugins/org.talend.designer.components.bigdata_5.6.2.20150508_1414\components in ESB studio folders.
This trick works well ! I can use tMongoDbInput in a job, and then use the job in a route to retreive data ...
But I want to go further and have the possibility to configure my MongoDB connexion in the metadata/nosql_connections like in bigdata open studio (see picture below). However ESB studio does not have the "NoSQL connections" folder in metadata tree ...
Does anyone have an idea to add this capability ??? Maybe I can copy a plugin from BigData studio, but which one ?
Thanks !!

Re: Add nosql (mongodb) capabilities

Talend provides user with Talend Platform for Data Services with Big Data product which includes DI + DQ + ESB + TDM + BigData Batch + Big Data Streaming + iPaas enabled bundles.
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