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Add/Remove SOAP/HTTP Headers through Proxy Service

I would like to implement a usecase using Talend Open Studios Proxy Service. While proxying to the target service I would like to intercept the message sent from the client and Add/Remove/Edit the SOAP Headers in the SOAP Message, for example add security token or remove the headers that were not needed by the targe service... Also would like to do the same with HTTP Headers as well.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Add/Remove SOAP/HTTP Headers through Proxy Service

try to use MediationRoutes - CXF with MESSAGE mode payload, you will get access to the complete SOAP message you can update. To use security headers, I've reather add WSS4J or JAAS interceptors to the CXF endpoint (in mediation route you can use cConfig to get endpoints and hook interceptors there).
Or what we often do - security abstraction layer is exposed as a set of separate services created outside TOS, but deployed on the runtime. IMHO: TESB runtime (Karaf) is a great service platform for even other than TOS-created bundles Smiley Happy