Activity Monitoring Console (AMC) produces error 'talendMeter_DB IO Error: Connection reset'

Problem Description

You may get the following error when using AMC:

talendMeter_DB IO Error: Connection reset

Root Cause

The connection reset error can be caused by writing to the wrong AMC database table, or by a bad pipe to the database.


You could also be using schema that are not right for the configured capture type of the stats and logs, for example tStatCatcher, tLogCatcher, and tFlowMeterCatcher.



  • Update the stats and logs configuration at the Project or Job level to point to the correct AMC tables, using the correct schema for that table.

    • If there is an issue with the schema or you are pointing to a blank schema, first create the table's schema with a SQL query or through the creation of a simple Talend Job. Both methods are depicted on the Creating files or database tables page of the 7.1. Talend Activity Monitoring Console User Guide, but make sure to use the version of your Talend environment.
  • Ensure that the database is up and reachable outside of Talend if the schema was created and is correct.

For more information, see AMC on Oracle -- talendMeter_DB IO Error: Connection reset in the Community forum.

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