Activate Services Registry on a Job with RestWebService

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Activate Services Registry on a Job with RestWebService

I would like get an information about "Services Registry" in TAC.

I created job with Rest WebService (tRestRequest component).
I deployed my Job in ESB Conductor.
When I tested my Job, it's run fine. 
But I would like to implement authentification with Services Registry and I don't find option to activate "Services Registry" on my Job.
There are not flag on the tRestRequest component. There is only option Use Authentification (Runtime ESB only).
Do you know this option exist and it is possible to use with tRestRequest?
This option exists only created "Services" and not on "Job" on my TOS.
Thank you

Re: Activate Services Registry on a Job with RestWebService

the Service Registry is only for SOAP Services by this it is not the right part to use/look at. But that said we support Authentication for ESB REST Services with Basic Authentication (in this case you should use for sure HTTPS) and also a SAML Token based approach which is the recommended one if you use ESB Clients and Provider homogeneously and not outside (non ESB clients) 
The SMAL Token based authentication uses the Talend ESB STS (tesb:start-sts) and depending on your Talend ESB configuration it will use Talend IDM (Apache Syncope) as backend for the subscription products or in TOS4ESB it will only use the local container user. properties file (via the standard JaaS Login Module for Talend Runtime as 'backend to validate the username / password against)
To use the SAML Token option you needs to deploy the Provider and Consumer to the Talend Runtime (you can use it in Studio) 
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Re: Activate Services Registry on a Job with RestWebService

Thank you for your answer.
So I choose to use Talend IDM with Syncope and Authorization TAC configuration. I installed/deployed XACML in ESB with these commands (tesb:stat-authz-repo & tesb:start-authz-pdp). === > In karaf, all elements started.
I created a user (salesforce) and role(manager) in syncope.
In TAC Administration, I defined my role and linked my Ressource ( = Web Service Rest Url === > http://..../services/HelloWorld) with my Role (see file enclosed).
I defined, the control authorization on the "GET action" of my Rest Web Service.
However, I called my Web Service, no authentification is asked. My Rest Service returned "HelloWorld" result.
Why the web service don't ask authentification user? What properties are missing?
Thank you

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