Accessing Drools in Talend

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Accessing Drools in Talend

I am processing 1m records and firing more than 4 rule sets for data validation due that i am getting very slow performance, below is my job design, is there any idea to improve performance?
toracle------tMap-----tJavarow---tMap---tJavarow----3 outputs.
Note: I am using open source Talend so don`t have tRule component so please suggest for java integration only.

Processing more than 200k records it is taking more than 3+ hours.
or Drools not for bulk data processing?
Umesh Rakhe

Re: Accessing Drools in Talend

So far, Drools is only available in Talend Enterprise Subscription Version.
What the Talend Product are you using? Talend Data Quality? MDM? Could you give us more description about your job requirement so that we can provide an optimistic solution for you.
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