Access Talend through shell script

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Access Talend through shell script

Hi All,


Can anyone provide me steps to access Talend (TOS) through shell scripts ? Also, Is it possible to migrate a Talend job from one environment to other (i.e from Dev to QA/Test). If yes, Can you please provide me steps for the same ?


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Re: Access Talend through shell script

You can't access the Studio through the shell in the Open Source edition,..... you can in the enterprise edition. But you can compile your job (build) and then run the job from the command line. The compiled job provides you with an example script.

You can forget about different environments if you use Context variables and then use a database or flat file to hold those values. You can read them at the beginning of the job using the Implicit Context Load and then you just need to make sure your environment has the correct file or database settings. You can use OS environment variables to point to the file or database and refer to those variables in the Implicit Context Load.
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Re: Access Talend through shell script

I appreciate your response and details!


In enterprise edition, Is there any way to send a Talend job from one environment to other environment (For ex. Dev TO test env.) through shell script ? 

My requirement is to move bunch of jobs or single job from one environment to other environment. Also, it would be great help if you can suggest how to combine multiple jobs at once and send it to other environment like a Deployment Group (DG) in Informatica.

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