About master check

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About master check

Please let me know, master file check.


The employee master is placed in a predetermined folder with an Excel file, and when reading data before conversion.
I want to check the master and output the corresponding record to another file
Can you teach us how to realize it?
Currently, I'm connecting the input file to tMap and connecting employee master with Reject but as you think
It is a situation not output.


Re: About master check


If we understand your requirement very well, you can compare multiple files and get the difference.

The work flow should be:

input1-->tMap(join your input source and set "catch lookup inner join reject." as true)-->output1

input2-->(lookup)                                                                                                        -->output2(catch inner join reject)

Let us know if it what you are looking for.

Best regards


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Re: About master check

Thank you for your quick response.


For example, the item of the journal file has the ID of the employee who has voted.
Before registering in the accounting system, exclude records that do not exist in the employee master compared to the employee master in a separate file.


According to your answer, I tried assembling as shown in the figure.

Would you please let me know if there are points that are wrong.


Thank you.






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