About file merge after format conversion

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About file merge after format conversion

Please let me know, implement the following requirements about file merge by DataIntegeration.

1. After layout conversion The layout is divided into several sections as below.
        Conversion source          Destination section
         Columns 1 to 5       →       TOP part
         Columns 6 to 10     →      Common part
         Columns 11 to 20   →      Specification part
         Columns 21 to 30   →      Individual information part
         Columns 31 to 35   →      END part

2.Summarize the above with different keys.
   Summary at detail section columns 12, 15
   Summary with individual information section columns 22, 23, 24
      Assumptions that other sections are summarized in all items and become one line.
3.Merge and output the file, but the following merge method will be used.
  Rather than making TOP ~ END a record of one line, it becomes as follows.
    TOP section 1st line
      Common part 2 line
              Specifications 3 to N
              Individual information part N + 1 row to M row
              END part M + 1 line

Re: About file merge after format conversion


Actually, you can use tDenormalize component to merge multiple columns into one.

If your need differs or if you need more details, please supply sample input and output.

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