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About LDAP & AD

We have some problems with our currrent architecture for provisionning our LDAP and Active Directory.
I did some jobs but in BI area with link beetween databases and lauching with cron. It works pretty fine but I have no big experiences in LDAP area.
Let's say we use an identity management solution specialized for putting data in LDAP. We have a lot of configuration files to write and script langugages for the data manipulation. We have problems with special characteristics : up to two thousands of account per hour.
We need to do CRUD operation on the LDAP/AD entries (groups + users).
It seems to me that TOS Di could answer to this problem but perhaps I'm mistaken.
For the other part, password's user must be changed directly. Our current identity management have a rest interface and just a call is necessary. I don't know how to have the same functiunality for this part without a specific developement.
Well, any feedbcak would be appreciated,

Re: About LDAP & AD

Have you already checked LDAP components TalendHelpCenter:tLDAPInput and TalendHelpCenter:tLDAPOutput?
Here is a KB article about:TalendHelpCenter:How to use tLDAPoutput component update action in AD LDS Server
Best regards
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Re: About LDAP & AD

Hello Sabrina and thanks for your answer.
Yes I've already checked the tldapinput and this one works pretty fine from ldap to oracle database. I can read up to 10.000 lines/second in local so this part is okay.
The Active Directory is always a bit different and I'm looking forward to have access to our AD to read and write for testing. Perhaps someone has already try to insert several thousands and have a feedback because there are some jira about ad connector.
Let's say, if someone can tell me that the tldapoutput can write several thousands in AD without any bugs, and I could set password which is special field, I will have an alternative to our current solution.
Best regards,