Abort job on duplicates and not update output file

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Abort job on duplicates and not update output file


I have the below logic to be built in talend.

I have a file that is updated on monthly basics. There are 4 fields that need to be unique. if a duplicate entry is found for these 4 fields, the load to output file should not occur.and it should throw an error.

I tried to do this by using below logic.pic.png

so once the input file is loaded, the tsortrow and the tuniquerow will check for unique values. if there are duplicates the job will throw error(which it does).but the uniquevalue csv output file should not be updated in case of any error. It should only get updated, if there is no error (or duplicate record). 

How should i do it? i tried to on component ok, but it doesnt give me that option.


Re: Abort job on duplicates and not update output file


Please your job requirement description, the "RunIf" trigger would be helpful for you. It can trigger a subjob or component in case the condition defined is met.

To make it clear, I have designed a demo job for you. Hope it helps.


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Re: Abort job on duplicates and not update output file



     I believe this is a duplicate post of the same scenario mentioned in your another post (link below)




     Could you please mark both topics as resolved since solution has been provided for both of them? It will help to enrich the Talend community and if another community member is getting similar issue, he/she can easily go to a post which has a solution available.


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