Abinitio to Talend Migration

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Abinitio to Talend Migration



I have been out of touch with Talend for quite sometime. I have this requirement of migrating ETL codes in AbInitio to Talend. What I am looking for is an automated way this can be achieved. Is there any provision in Talend that helps generate ETL code based on a code which is obtained by exporting ETL jobs from AbInitio in some ways?


In general, Is there a provision in Talend that generates ETL codes or jobs in runnable condition (or with some customisation) based on external logical code input (for example, an informatica mapping) ? 


Sorry if I am ill informed, but I am trying to catch up.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Abinitio to Talend Migration

I remember talk of a project to do this (I believe it was started for Informatica to Talend), but I have not heard anything about it for a couple of years.


I would argue that this is a bad idea anyway. You *might* be able to convert a relatively straight forward job between products, but I guarantee that it would not be a good conversion and would almost certainly not get the best out of the tool that is being converted to. 


There are serveral ex Abinitio Talend guys around. I would advise getting someone with both sets of skills to carry out a migration for you. Or if you are an Abinitio guy, learn Talend and become that guy. 

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Re: Abinitio to Talend Migration


Thank you for the response!


I am aware that the resultant job wont be the best. But I would like to try it nonetheless. I am the said talend guy here but this is something I have never ventured into before. 


Is there anything else that we can work on to convert abinitio jobs to talend? A custom component? I am just thinking out loud. 


Shoutout to all the Abinitio guys- Any comments or insights on this?