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AWS S3 file properties



I would like to know if there is a way to get file properties (like size, timestamp) of a file places in S3 bucket. 


I have tried the following but unable to get file size and timestamps. Also does this differ if the file in S3 bucket is .gz file.

 tS3 Connection

tS3FileList --iterate--> tFIleProperties --iterate--> tIterateToFlow --main--> tLogRow



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Re: AWS S3 file properties


So far, you have to retrieve your files from S3 and keep them on local firstly.

The work flow should be: tS3Connection-->tS3Get-->tFileProperties

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Re: AWS S3 file properties

Thanks Sabrina for your reply. If that's the only way then I'll take it..


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Re: AWS S3 file properties

As we have a client restriction not to download the file locally,canu please let us knw if there is a way other than downloading? or download/read file properties and delete in one component soo that we cant eve break this flow .ultimatley we shd nt have any control on seeing the file content.