API and limit requests every tot seconds

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API and limit requests every tot seconds


I'm new on Talend, and I'm new in this community. 


Nice to meet you all!!


I have an issue I would like to figure it out.


I'm using a tHttpRequest to call an API and collect some Json datas. The problem is that I can make a limited number of requests and then I have to wait 10-15 seconds, or the API will stops me.

Is it possible to schedule an API request every #seconds?


Thanks a lot!!

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Re: API and limit requests every tot seconds

You may start your job every x seconds depending on your scheduler capability to go under the minute or you can build an infinite loop in your job (probably with a clean exit door to be defined) and have a tSleep component to manage the desired delay between 2 API calls.
Hope this help.

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Re: API and limit requests every tot seconds

Hello TRF,


thanks a lot! 


I've solved the issue by using the tSleep you suggested to me plus the component tLoop, to iterate the scheduled tSleep.

I attach a screen of the Job flow.



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