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ANSI encoding

I try to convert a file from UTF8 without BOM to ANSI.
To do so, I use the tChangeFileEncoding component that I set like this for the output file : "CUSTOM", "ISO-8859-1".
The first time I run this job, the out file is well ANSI encoded.
But if I delete it and run the job one more time, the out file is, this time, UTF8 without BOM encoded.
Same thing if I use this setting for the output file : "CUSTOM", "windows-1252".
What is the way of setting the tChangeFileEncoding component to get an out file ANSI encoded.
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Re: ANSI encoding

If understand correct you wanted to set custom encoding to output file? if yes then you don`t need to use tChangeFileEncoding you can set it using Advance property of tFileOutputDelimited component. 
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Re: ANSI encoding

Hi Umesh, thanks for your answer.
Sure, I tried this, but it works the same way if I use the tFileOutputDelemited component.
First time, I get ANSI encoding and then .... UTF8.