AMC Url when TAC is Load Balanced

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AMC Url when TAC is Load Balanced

We have our environment setup with 2 TAC servers which are load balanced. They therefore share the configuration values from our database (PostgreSQL). We have everything setup and working with one issue - the AMC URL. We can get the AMC URL to function properly by pointing it to a specific host name and port the user is logged into - i.e. 'https://ServerA/amc'  or 'https://ServerB/amc'  based on where the load balancer sent them.

The issue is obviously that we have the AMC installed on both servers - not just one - because our TAC servers are mirrors of each other and are behind a load balancer. 

We've tried "localhost:8080"; "localhost:23456"; etc. The load balancer appears to be the stumbling block here. We had a similar issue with the CommandLine configuration as it is also installed on both TAC servers. Adding a static name in the "" setting allowed "localhost" to work for this configuration setting.

How can we get the AMC to also work using "localhost" so that it refers to the installation associated with the TAC server the user is logged on to at the time? If we can't do this, the work around is to have it pointed to one instance - and if that goes down, change the configuration settings - but ideally you'd want it pointing to the amc on the server you've signed into.

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Re: AMC Url when TAC is Load Balanced

In general I would never use localhost as host/server name because often these URLs will be transmitted to the studios and they run usually not on the same server as the TAC and therefore localhost does not work.
Use the correct names of the servers or their IP addresses.


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