A Job using the tXMLMap component fails with a 'java.lang.NullPointerException:null' error

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Product Data Integration
Component tXMLMap
Problem Description

A Job designed with the tXMLMap component sometimes fails with the following error when handling an XML document:

Problem root cause In tXMLMap, one of the conditions specified in the output filter or mapping is based on an XPath element, and calls a string function on the associated object:

This assumes the XPath /tns:theProduct/tns:theCode element exists in the input or source document. If it does not exist, ([row1.message:/tns:theProduct/tns:theCode])) is a null object.


So, calling a method, .equals, from a null object leads to a NullPointerException.

Solution or Workaround Add a condition to test that ([row1.message:/tns:theProduct/tns:theCode])) is not null. You can use the existing routine Relational.ISNULL:
!Relational.ISNULL([row1.message:/tns:theProduct/tns:theCode])) &&
Notice the symbol ! for the Boolean not logic.
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