A Job that can be viewed from Studio is not available from Talend Administration Center while creating a new task in job Conductor module


A Job is created by a user in Studio. However, when the user tries to create a new task using Job Conductor in TAC, the Job is not listed in the drop-down menu.



The TAC Job Conductor uses the SVN/GIT checked-out project artifacts available in the Talend_Install_Location\tac\apache-tomcat\temp directory. In this case, the project does not exist in the temp folder; it may have been deleted due to an unfortunate click.


In addition, this issue can also be observed if the TAC service is started by a user who is not the owner of the \apache-tomcat\temp directory.



To fix the issue, restart the TAC service using the owner of the \apache-tomcat\temp directory.


Note: When the restart of TAC is performed, the newly checked-out objects from SVN will be placed in the \apache-tomcat\temp directory.

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I have this exact problem and the solution did not solve the problem although we are using git.  We have duplicated this problem in two different TAC environments.  In a third environment/installation (Test), we can see the jobs.  I made sure all files were owned by "talenduser" (os user) and made sure that the TAC was started as "talenduser".  There don't seem to be any errors in the Technical.log file.  I can also see that there are no jobs defined when I look through the "Repository Browser".

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 Hi gharabedian,


Please contact our Support team at https://www.talend.com/services/technical-support/. I'm sure they can help you with your problem.




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I tried renaming the folder(s) under the directory apache-tomcat/temp and restarted the apache service with the user who created that folder. But the folder size(git checkout) is too small.

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Hi prasannav,

As mentioned above, please contact our Support team for help, or you can post your question to the discussion forums and someone might have a suggestion you can try.