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6.3 parallel execution fails

The following job, which performs multiple downloads from an FTP site, executes perfectly in TOS-BD 6.1
I installed 6.3.1.  The job, with no changes, fails.  I get an error that the result set is not open.  Obviously caused by the commit in the iterate code.  It is there to prevent a subsequent error from rolling back the files that have already been processed some of which are quite large. 
If I deactivate the commit, I get an error that a prepared statement already exists.  
Finally, if the commit is deactivated and the iterate link has parallel execution turned off, the job works and downloads all the files which have been queued.
While I could perhaps live with this for the download, there are other jobs that process the files that also use parallel execution.  If those also have a problem, processing time from single-threading will become a problem.
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Re: 6.3 parallel execution fails

I would love to upload screenshots but nothing works. What is the magic formula?