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550 Access Denied when connecting an FTP Server

Hi guys.
I am creating a job to retrieve a file from a localhost FTP Server. I am using a FTP Connection and a FTP Get component. I am able to connect to the server and login however when I try to retrieve the file I keep getting a "550 Access is denied" error message. I understand its a problem with permissions within the FTP Server but I have set all the permissions in the server so I am wondering if there might be something I haven't set within Talend thats affecting this?
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Re: 550 Access Denied when connecting an FTP Server

Could you download the files with another FTP tool (probably with the local ftp command line client) ?
I would bet the user you use to establish the connection does not have the necessary rights.
Using FTP connections is a very common task in Talend and you can be sure the FTP components are well tested.
Probably it is also a problem with the host of the client. It is possible to restrict the access to particular hosts.
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Re: 550 Access Denied when connecting an FTP Server

Yes i can access them through command prompt and am able to access a different ftp server and copy files. The problem is I have already set the user's rights and it still doesnt work. Even if i login using the admin account with all the permissions set it doesnt work.