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tRestRequest swagger specification not refresh on deploy

I created a REST service with job exposing a tRestRequest. I have activated both options for swagger file generation ('Expose Swagger specification' and 'Include Documentation into Swagger Spec'). The first time I deployed my service via the TAC, everything worked fine, the service was exposing its swagger specification file via url /myServiceName/swagger.json.


However, I had to change on of my REST API Mapping URI Pattern. I republished my job, redeployed it via the TAC. The service itself is updated correctly, but the swagger documentation is not, it sticks to the initial version that was deployed. SO I have a service exposing on outadeted swagger specification.


Note that I took care to correctly undeployed the initial version of mmy service, before recreating it via the TAC. I'm running version 6.4.1


Re: tRestRequest swagger specification not refresh on deploy


Could you please create a case on talend support portal so that we can give you a remote assistance(webex) through support cycle with priority?

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