tHMap and constant values

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tHMap and constant values

Hi all,


I need some help to resolve a problem I'm having with tHMap.

I have a positional file in input and an IDoc in output: when I try to give a constant value to a field and I go on SAP to see the IDoc obtained in result it has not that field.


I assign a value also in other fields and on SAP (in another loops) I can see them having the value I assigned in the tHMap.

I can see in the result IDoc the same fields that I try to populate with a constant value only if I map them with fields from the file in input.


Is it a problem of configuration of the tHMap?
Does loops have any particular setting to set?


Thank you so much!


Re: tHMap and constant values



can you please send me the attached map  to the tHMap element?


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