problems with the neighbourfinder tutorial

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problems with the neighbourfinder tutorial

hi all,
i tried the neighbourfinder tutorial:
the link to the sample data is broken:
taking the older data from sourceforge ( and changing the example job to this datasets gives always the same error, also with other datasets, other jobs, other projects
Starting job NeighborFinder at 14:57 09/03/2012.
connecting to socket on port 4025
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
The method error(String) is undefined for the type NeighborFinder
at geo.neighborfinder_0_1.NeighborFinder.tFileInputDelimited_1Process(
at geo.neighborfinder_0_1.NeighborFinder.runJobInTOS(
at geo.neighborfinder_0_1.NeighborFinder.main(
Job NeighborFinder ended at 14:57 09/03/2012.
i found also an entry in the talend bugtracker:
is there any solution, i didn't find until yet
best regards and thanks

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Re: problems with the neighbourfinder tutorial

thx share!!

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Re: problems with the neighbourfinder tutorial

I also tried to use sNeighborFinder in version SDI 5.1.1 TOS 5.1.2 and I get "error("Cannot find a geometry column");" using the example or trying to build a new job.
Any idea about what is wrong ?
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Re: problems with the neighbourfinder tutorial

After some trial and error, I found what was wrong. The geometry column needs to be the key column for the lookup input. Once this is correctly defined, it works fine.
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Re: problems with the neighbourfinder tutorial

Impossible on my side to use neighbourfinder tutorial. Daniel, could you post the corrected job?
The error message: "La méthode error(String) est indéfinie pour le type"


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Re: problems with the neighbourfinder tutorial

What I found out is that it works when the geometry column of the lookup table is the key column. What I do is use a tMap component where the output geometry column is key. See the attached picture for more details.
Best regards

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