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link between a specific job execution and its log



I know I can download a specific execution log from the bottom of the Task Execution Details popup. 

But, sometimes, I would like to be in tail directly on the log (Job server, log directory... which I know, of course), but it is not so immediate to find out which log is the right one (we have many jobs deployed and sometimes 3-4 jobs are running at the same time).


I see the "Internal job id" parameter in the "Advanced Information" tab of the Task Execution Details popup, but it seems useless because it is not logged.

Furthermore, directory name of each job execution log does not help, it seems.









Re: link between a specific job execution and its log


You can find all log files in TAC/configuration/Job conductor tab, see the "Archive and execution logs path" setting, that where TAC have all execution log files. Are you referring to some king of automated log?

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