commandline: change a job version in a task

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commandline: change a job version in a task


Finding hard to understand some aspects of the commandline as it does not have a documentation with good examples.


 TAC, GIT and Nexus

based on a configuration file, I want to create a task using a specific job version of a job.

So, I've managed to create a task with:


initRemote http://localhost:8080/org.talend.administrator -ul xxx-up xxx
logonProject -pn PROJECT -ul xxx -up xxx createTask TESTJOB -a -b master -esn serv1 -d TESTJOBDESC -jc Default -jn TESTJOB -jv 0.1 -pn PROJECT -rjc

And a task is created in TAC.

Now I've coded version 0.2.

How to update the task to reflect this change?

Truing to create the task again gives an error, of course. 

Do I need to delete the task? How? Can I just update the job version? How?






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Re: commandline: change a job version in a task


Is the automatic SVN refresh not working on your side? Could you please indicate what's the build version you are using?

Best regards


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Re: commandline: change a job version in a task

Hi Sabrina, 

thank you for answering.

Everything is working fine. If I got to TAC web, I can see that the new version job that job is available for me to choose (or automatically chosen if I use the "latest" version tag).


But what I'm trying to do is to automate the process:


I might have a job that's available on tac from version 0.1 to 0.5. 

But, internally, the version 0.4 is the latest approved one. 0.5 is a version that we're still evaluating.

So, I have a file that says:

jobA, 0.4

jobB; 0.2


...and so on.


When its time to use jobA version 0.5, I'll update that file and will run a Jenkins job to deal with it.

My issue is:

 - I know how (from the commandline) to create a new task, for project X, job A, version 0.3

 - Now, I want to replace in that task, (through the command line), the version from 0.3 to 0.5.


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Re: commandline: change a job version in a task

Hello Duarte,


have you tried using the "buildJob" command with the new job version as a parameter?

Something like 

buildJob TESTJOB ... -jv 0.2 ...

Best regards,




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