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cfile read mode in talend route

hi i have a problem and i want that you help please, first we start with the screenshoots  and after i will explain.2018-01-19_12h15_22.png2018-01-19_12h17_10.png

so my job is for exctracting from a file lines containing link to another files, to do that i used csplitter and cprocessor, and after getting lines of that file. i want to read or move those files with the second cfile but the problem with the second cfile istead of read the files it writes in those files the body of the first cfile.

second question i want to know if it's possible to pass to the parameter path of cfile a var like "${in.header.path}" 

thanks a lot

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Re: cfile read mode in talend route



As far as i have worked on cfile i have seen that we cant able to read the file from between the route.


If we have to read the file then it should be the first component of the route.

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Re: cfile read mode in talend route

hi Pooja,

yes you right we can't use it between route, for my case i used a cprocessor to do that.