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automatic deployment with Repository Manager

I've created a web service project in our dev environment using talend.

In Talend Administration Center for dev I've created a "Publish Task" for this service using the "Publisher" page.

After that I used "ESB Conductor" page to create a service using the feature from Publish Task and as runtime context "dev".

This all works fine.


I want to use the Talend Repository Manager to deploy this service automatically from dev to test for example.

Inside of the Repository Manager I've created the repositories (dev and test) and a rule which "copies" my project from dev to test.

This works and my dev project is copied test.


Now I also want that the "Publisher Task" and "Conductor Task" is created automatically in test environment using this project.

And how can I switch the runtime context automatically from dev to test for the conductor task?


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  • ESB
  • Talend Job Server