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Webservice Call over Proxy

I want to use a webservice (EU VIES VAT number validation service)
But i am not able to authenticate over our proxy
The Exception is an ordinary Parser Error (Proxy sends custom 'Denied Access' HTML Page)
I already checked the message with proxy debugger.
I tried all possibilities (tSetProxy, tWebservice Proxy Options, different usercredential syntax like "domain/user", "user", "domain.user", ...)
Now i have Proxy Logs and it shows that Talend doesn?t send the user credentials.
2011-01-12 07:53:43 20 401 TCP_DENIED 1517 173 GET http /taxation_customs/vies/checkVatService.wsdl - - NONE - - "Jakarta Commons-HttpClient/3.1" DENIED Government/Legal - SG-HTTP-
The - - NONE - - shows the missing username
If i deploy the job onto the jobserver it works (because there is now proxy authentification necessary)
Looks like a bug. So I think I have to raise a Talend bug ticket or does any of you has an advice?
I use Version: Talend Data Quality - Enterprise Edition 4.1.1 Build id: r50363-20101022-0643