Talend Integration Cloud - Architecture

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Talend Integration Cloud - Architecture

Hello Everyone,


we needed a very urgent solution for deploy a Talend Job in cloud foundry. We have tried many options like creating a jar file and execute the JAR from out side another spring boot application.

we tried creating the war file and deploy, but not happening.

These are questions we have

1. which is the best way to deploy a Talend Job in Cloud Foundry

2. How to externalize the properties (DB properties) from Talend JAR to external Config server?

3. How to create a FAT jar out of talend jar.

please provide me solution or suggestion as soon as possible, since we are stuck in this issue for few days.



Re: Talend Integration Cloud - Architecture


Here is online user guide about:TalendHelpCenter:Talend Integration Cloud.

Did you get any error when deploy a Talend Job in cloud?

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