Talend 7.1 Deployment with Jenkins, the second release

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Talend 7.1 Deployment with Jenkins, the second release

Hi everybody,


as in foreign topics mentioned I´ve created build-process with TAC and Jenkins.

Now deployment for releases is working properly, but....... ;-(((((


The problem now is, the second run of the deployment job in Jenkins is fetching all the old jobs again.

What happens, is the release-repository in Nexus don´t allow same version numbers again.


Now some questions came up how the deployment is planned with TAC:


- How do I set up that only changed jobs within a project are getting updated in Nexus? Is it a maven setting? We use mvn clean deploy, what is correct. Only the first time...


- Is there another setting to deploy on Jenkins instead of our process?


- we are using GIT branches.. Developer uses local, pushes to dev branch and after that a release branch which is getting pulled from Master branch.

This is the recommended way to do that. This is working.

Now the question... I raise up minor release of the job. After that NEXUS is getting a second version of this version in releases. Is this correct?


What I need now is a short description of how using deployment-settings (GroupID e.g.) and a description how deployment should work for just the changed versions of the jobs.


Maybe someone is able to describe that... The only description I found is to deploy an explicit Job with version to deploy. But I haven´t found a way changed jobs within a project. This should work each time I start the Jenkins Job.


Thx to all...

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Re: Talend 7.1 Deployment with Jenkins, the second release

No idea from someone? ;-(


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