TDI Job scheduling/automating on Mac or on Server

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TDI Job scheduling/automating on Mac or on Server

Hi there,


I'm using TDI open studio on Mac for performing some ETL tasks. I've made following folder structure in Job designs :


Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 3.44.25 PM.png


And the job flow is as follows:


J1. ExtractVendors => tRunJob : VendorsMaster

J2. VendorsMaster => tRunJob : VendorsLookup

J3. VendorsLookup => tRunJob : LoadVendors

J4. LoadVendors


So when I run the job J1 it perfectly runs all the jobs from J1 to J4, one after another.


Now, I would like to automatically run this job flow on daily basis at specific time.

I came across the solution for this HERE . So, I exported all jobs in ETL folder at once by right clicking on it and then build job. What's next to go for on Mac ?


Or, is there any way to schedule these exported job to run at particular on our server or cloud ?

If so please let me know the steps to perform.


Thanks !



Re: TDI Job scheduling/automating on Mac or on Server



Based on your explanation, I will consider that your ExtractVendors job is the main master job.  Hence, you only need to right click on ExtractVendors and Build the Job.  This will produce a zip file.  

You can copy the zip file anywhere, unzip it, and run the .sh script on a Mac/Linux or the .bat on Windows.  For Mac, you will use the .sh script since it is Linux based.


Of course, you need Java JRE on the server where you are running it.


The Talend Administration Center (Subscription based) has scheduler capabilities to execute your jobs.

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Re: TDI Job scheduling/automating on Mac or on Server

Thanks for the reply @iburtally

I'm done with what you explained here. I checked running .sh file on both terminal and on Automator app, and the run was successful.

Now, I just want to automate this workflow to run daily at 1 PM.