TCP/IP Connection failed

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Re: TCP/IP Connection failed

Thank you all for the help. I will deal with it a little bit further. Then i will ask my questions.


Thanks a lot!

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Re: TCP/IP Connection failed

No problem. Try to follow the steps that I mentioned and it should make it easier. If you are working on a computer science degree at the moment the biggest thing you should focus on when trying to learn something new is to break it down into small steps. A bit like the merge sort algorithm...."divide and conquer" :-)

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Re: TCP/IP Connection failed

Ok let me explain you the way how tcp/ip (reader) works

It recieves an request from an ip adress and an port and sends the response back to the ip adress and port from where it has recieved the request

So i can enter the ipadress and the port of the server (reader) in tsocketoutput and i can also enter the ip adress and the port (client) in tsocketinput where the komponent is waiting for the answer .. the problem that i have is..:

..While i am runing tsocketoutput to send the request to the server i do not know the port of my client which i have to paste into the tsocketinput component before ... tsocketoutput sends the request with an random port which is changing everytime so my only problem is that i have to know how it will send by an bind port and will not take an random port

Mybe this explaination helps
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Re: TCP/IP Connection failed

The tSocketOutput isn't sending packets to a random port though. You set the port you want it to send to.

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Re: TCP/IP Connection failed

Can you please tell us, what is the device you are using. Maybe you are trying to go with wrong way and there exists another easier way.


I understand what you mean. The outgoing ports are dynamically/randomly assigned. The destination port is set in the Talend component. In Linux you can use 


to limit the port numbers used as a source ports, but the minimum is 1000 ports (I think).

In Java there is a bind() method which is able to do this, but it looks it is not implemented in either tSocketInput nor tSocketOutput.


Please paste here the device you are using. Maybe there is a different way.




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Re: TCP/IP Connection failed

One idea...

In Linux, you can create a socket file. It is a TCP/UDP connection where client endpoint acts as a file on file system. 

After you will be able to communicate via this file using tFileInputRaw and tFileOutputRaw... But please, consider this as an idea. Maybe it is a stupid idea.Man Indifferent

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Re: TCP/IP Connection failed



now I have programmed the socket programming via Java. The problem via tSocketInput and tSocketOutput has now been bridged.

I wrote the code in 3 classes. I have now created it as a routine in Talend.
Now I want to save the scanned tags where I get from the RFID system into a MySQL database without having to create them as a physical file. I want to transfer the expenses I receive.
Which components are necessary for me to transfer the data? How do I transfer them?
Kind regards


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