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TAC: Deploy 2 Routes with different Contexts

Hello talend community,


i'm trying to deploy a route 2 times, one for production environment, one for testing environment.

The route has contexts for both environments, and i'm setting the context in Talend Administration Center.


But when i am deploying the second route, the endpoint of the first route is removed from services overview and i am receiving the message 'service not found'.


Is there any solution to deploy the same job twice?


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Re: TAC: Deploy 2 Routes with different Contexts


Could you please give us more information? Are these different target Talend Runtimes for the environments? Where are the contexts users? What are the naming conventions in the ESB Conductor? Screenshots will be preferred.

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Re: TAC: Deploy 2 Routes with different Contexts

Usually for TAC you will have a Dev, Test, and Production TAC environment, each with their own runtime for services(routes).


When you deploy Test to the test TAC you use the Test context


When you deploy Prod to the Prod TAC you use the Prod context


Otherwise, if you have the same job with the same name and the same route items, each time you deploy it will overwrite the previous route. With ESB type jobs you can only have 1 of each job deployed to the server, even if they have different contexts. I believe the only way to get around this if you absolutely need them both on 1 server would be to change the route name and some of the URI/endpoints might have to change.