Runtime License

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Runtime License

I have slight confusion regarding licensing and would appreciate clarification.

To date I have used both Talend DI and Talend ESB open source versions and proceeded on the basis that I can develop artifacts from either and run them in an environment at no charge. This includes the ESB Container and applies to  Production environment running as well as Development environment. Is this correct or do I have to purchase additional licenses for any part(s) of this. 



Re: Runtime License


For Talend Open Studio for ESB, both Talend Studio and Talend Runtime are bundled together.

There is one compressed file, of the format:

When you extract it to a directory of your choice, you get two folders:

  • Runtime_ESBSE that contains Talend Runtime and examples.

  • Studio that contains the Talend Studio.

For more information, please take a look at open studio for ESB feature

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