Runtime ESB Karaf - Java.Lang.RuntimeException

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Runtime ESB Karaf - Java.Lang.RuntimeException

Hello, I'm using Talend ESB on Ubuntu machine 16.04 64 bit.

Main Job is very simple, is Web Service capable to execute 3 subjob based on variable:


I made a dummy Job3 (a simple message box) and it works fine in the Talend ESB environment:

After exporting the service, creating a *.KAR file, and after deploying it to the OSGi Karaf environment everythig seems to work as expected:



Unfortunately when I run the curl command to test the service I receive following error message:



I've already check JAVA and JAVA PATH all seems ok:


Thanks in advance for any tips/comment.




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Re: Runtime ESB Karaf - Java.Lang.RuntimeException


The SOAP data service Job including the tESBProviderRequest component that implements a service operation can not be built independently. The Job has to be built with the service it is assigned to. When you export a SOAP service, all the data service Jobs that implement the service operations are built in the service archive file as well.

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