Publishing Job - Correct Context Environment

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Publishing Job - Correct Context Environment

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We have 3 context environments, Development, Test, and Production.  When we publish a job to the cloud in our Development environment, it does not pick up the correct context to run under.  For example, when running the job locally, it uses the default context.  When we publish the job to the Development environment in TIC, it does not pick up which context environment to use.  When we run the job under Development, it still uses the default context environment.  If we update the default context environment in the studio, then publish the job, it will run with the correct context environment.  However, we can't use the promotion pipelines to promote the job.  When we promote to Test, the job will still run with Development contexts.


If we only had a few single jobs, this wouldn't be a big deal.  But we have 50+ jobs and many of them are parent/child relationship.  We were told by Talend that as long as the context environment name in Studio matches the environment name in TIC, then TIC should pick up which environment to run under.  Any help on how everyone else handles this would be super appreciated!!


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Re: Publishing Job - Correct Context Environment


You cannot switch the context environment (higlighted in screenshot) in the promotion that is available in TIC. The recommended way to do it is to have variables that you set from the builder screen. Then you can have a flow in one environment (QA for example) with particular variables and the same flow in an environment (Prod) with different variables. The result is that the same flow can be executed with different context variables depending on the environment.


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