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Performance falls if OSGI job is deployed

Hello everybody


I've got some problem using an OSGI job.

I've developed a job whitch has to receive an xml file, transform data, send data to SOAP service, receive back the data, transform them again and finally responce! see capture1.jpg


If I run the job on "Open Studio", it works fine taking not too much time!

If I deploy the service as OSGI, the performances falls down.

50% of the requestes works but taking 3 times more time than in Studio, the rest of the requestes takes longer than result in a time out.


Could someone please suggest what to check or change in order to avoid performance falls!


thanks in advance




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  • Talend Runtime

Re: Performance falls if OSGI job is deployed


Could you please indicate on which build version you got this issue? Are you using the same version for your studio and runtime?

Best regards



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