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Logrotate configuration

Hello all,
I was wondering if one could configure logrotate to get rid of some zip files laying around in tmp folders, without hurting functionality of TIS.
# pwd
# du -sm cmdline/*/*
1 cmdline/exports/Input
79 cmdline/exports/task_1
16 cmdline/exports/task_10
120 cmdline/exports/task_11
75 cmdline/exports/task_2
51 cmdline/exports/task_3
27 cmdline/exports/task_4
50 cmdline/exports/task_5
324 cmdline/exports/task_6
33 cmdline/exports/task_7
238 cmdline/exports/task_9
# ls cmdline/exports/task_9

I am assuming these can be cleaned up regularly to save disk space? Same for stuff in jobserver/TalendJobServersFiles/archiveLogs?
Anyone has some working configuration and advices?
Thanks a lot for any feedback.

Re: Logrotate configuration

Hi Fred,
You can set up the automatic cleaning of logs by editing the file in the configuration folder of the Job Server.
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Re: Logrotate configuration

Perfect, reduced the actual time for cleaning to 15 days. Thanks a lot Smiley Happy